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Kaleidoscopic Community History has been designed to promote cross cultural awareness by allowing visitors to create and explore databased historical narratives. Visitors will be introduced to two concepts intended as a means to foster this awareness: rhetorical listening and contact zones.

By helping us see ourselves and others as part of a networked and related world we can learn how listening to the past can help us understand the present by showing that life has always been complicated and that interactions between people of different cultures can be respectful. By placing ourselves into the context of the past via visualizations such as maps, timelines, and kaleidoscopic diagrams, we can see how contact between cultures can be fostered in today's society by learning that we all have similarities and differences that should be acknowledged and embraced instead of ignored.

If you are a returning visitor, please enter through the door. For visitors new to this site, please select the historical overview of the cultural group of interest. When you are finished you will be returned to this screen where you may follow the new listener path.

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