EntranceReturn to entrance door. CLIPS: Narrative Building BlocksStories are constructed from chronologies, locations, items, and people. ChronologiesExplore or add story chronologies. LocationsExplore or add locations. ItemsExplore or add items. PeopleExplore or add people. StoriesExplore or add stories. HelpLearn how to navigate the system. About MeLearn about the creator of this website and her research. LoginLogin to add your own stories. About the SiteLearn about the overall website, its purpose, and the various options available to you. Are You Listening?Learn how the Digital Eyes History viewers enact rhetorical listening concepts. KaleidoscopeThe Kaleidoscope is an interactive relationship diagram through which you can explore the relationship in chronologies, locations, items, people, or stories. Digital Eyes HistoryThe Kaleidoscope, Timeline, and Map use digital-eyes-ed items to help us see history in a different way. TimelineThe Timeline displays the selected narrative along an interactive timeline and includes links to the historical items for each narrative element. MapThe Map displays a GoogleEarth tour of the historical narrative you select. About YouAccess your profile information and any commentary you have made on the narratives you have explored. Who's ListeningSee who else is listening to the past. AttributionsThanks for those who have helped.